Since 1816, EHRLICH LEDER based in the tannery town of Biberach in Oberschwaben has been producing premium leather for customers the world over. The wholesale company is managed by business administrator Martin Ehrlich and leather technician Nikolaus Ehrlich, who qualified as the best in year from the renowned Tannery College in Reutlingen in 2011. Leather has been at the heart of this family-run company, currently under its sixth and seventh generation of family management, for centuries.

The „E“ symbol is synonymous with everything Ehrlich stands for: a natural product, a business ethos based on fairness, and a genuine concern for the environment. EHRLICH LEDER lives and breathes leather, in all its forms and for all its many uses: Exquisite genuine leather for furniture or vehicle interiors, elegant leather used to make clothing, tough technical leather and flame-retardant leather, skins or microfibre materials for every conceivable application – whether embossed, printed or patterned. Our extensive stock also includes even the most hard wearing harness leather.

Growing demand from Europe, Asia and the Near East meant that the company’s warehousing capacity had reached bursting point. So Martin and Nikolaus Ehrlich did not hesitate when a 10,000 square metre industrial site became available next to the company‘s premises. After all, space is a decisive factor when it comes to perfect warehousing. Expert visual and tactile testing of leathers is easier when the material is laid loosely and gently over large wooden pedestals.