Sample folders

To assist you in the best possible way with your planning and selection of materials, we have clearly arranged our entire range of furniture leathers into 2 folders with more than 400 swatches and material samples.

You will also find our embossed “Emotions” range in these folders. By combining different colours, finishes and products, you can select your own individual leather from more than 4,000 embossed options.

It is worthwhile, particularly in the case of pure aniline leathers, always to give the dimensions you need, to ensure that your size can be obtained from the corresponding skin without any faults.  

We will be very happy to calculate for you how much leather you need on the basis of your measurements. That means that you will be able to give your customer an accurate quotation.

Customised embossing

In addition to existing antique leather embossing, we can also supply customised embossing such as company logos or coats of arms. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation on request, or to advise you on the choice of leather.